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Vendors Win with the New Breed of Property Developers

For vendors, property owners to maximise their return on properties of 1,000m² or greater. When selling their property or part of their property to a Property Developer. The property needs to be feasible and viable to subdivide. They need to consider a few things which I will cover.

win win win goal is achieved

In Property Acquisitions there are a few considerations to consider and understand. Reality is that for any deal to work we need a Win Win Win.

Not just a win for the vendor… We need properties at the end of the DA process. That are saleable (right price for the market). So we need to work back from that point with our numbers.

Karanda Holdings Property Developments is part of the new breed in property development and property acquisitions for property developments.

The new breed of property developers always look for win, win, win solutions. So everyone in the transaction has their needs met.

Karanda Holdings Property Developments as a new breed property developer. Uses systems, alliances and processes that stream line the property acquisition and DA process. These efficiencies increases the profit margin. That is how Karanda Holdings Property can pay Vendors above the market and pass on those DA approved properties below the market.

The New Breed Property Developer

We probably relate to a traditional developer. As the one who is all out to maximise his or her profits and to hell with the property owner.

The new breed of developer is NOT out to stitch up the property owner.  We take our time and understanding the needs of the Vendor, the Council and the Ultimate Buyer allows the new breed of Property Developer to create a win win, win situation.

Being more efficient is the key to a better out come for all.

So if we the Property Developer can save on Holding Cost, interest on loans and being more efficient. During the due diligence and DA approval stage of the process. Then these savings can be passed on to the Vendor and then the original property owner can be paid ABOVE the market value for their land.

We often see vendors who think that their property is worth substantially more that the real Market Price. Just because it CAN be subdivided. Raw land (without a DA) is not worth anywhere near the market value of land that has a DA granted.

The uplift in value of the property happens after the time & money is spent on a property to get the DA.

And the final out come needs to be subdivided blocks that can be sold. Just like any business if the end product is too expensive for the consumer. Then it’s not a viable… they don’t purchase and that is not a win for all parties.

If you are an Vendor, Property Owner with a large block larger than 1000m² … and you want to see how you can win… please contact us Below

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