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Splitter Subdivision Developments

There are many ways to run a small lot subdivision this is just one.

When we talk about a Splitter Subdivision. We are talking about splitting or subdividing an existing home or lot from a large block.

The true definition of a Splitter Block is multiple lots on the one Title.

However, for the purpose of this article, we will use the loose term splitter as in splitting off or sub dividing off a lot from the existing larger lot. Which can be a subdivision and not a Splitter.

This allows higher and better use of of the land. Which means more dwelling can be built on the property.Karanda Holdings Property Developments ideal Splitter Development House with large backyard

The Town Plan and the Zoning of the property. Will determine the maximum number and type of dwellings that can be built on the remaining land.

This process is commonly called a ‘Splitter’ and that puts the existing home on a separate RP Number or Title to the rest of the larger block of land. And then the rest of the property, the remaining block of land may be able to be subdivided into smaller lots.

This leaves the original home on a smaller block. Which you can retain or sell to us with the rest of the property at well above Market Price.

We add value to the property by getting the Council to approve a Development Approval of subdividing the property. We normally Pay you the Vendor a ‘Holding Deposit’ while we do a Feasibly Study for a DA.

We also spend our time, our money to engage Solicitors, the Town Planner, Architects, Consultants. As well as Development Contractors to do the civil works. We also use the experience of our team and Joint Venture Partners.  To see if we can add value to you property by getting a Development Approval.

Karanda Holdings Property Developments-ideal splitter subdivide house and land

When we are successful in getting a DA – Development Approval on your property for you.

  • You have separate services and access to each new block
  • You benefit as your property is worth more as it has separate titles.
  • You also benefited because we Pay You above the Market Price for your property or part there of.
  • We pay all the expenses of the Feasibility, DA and works required.
  • Then you can retain the Existing Home and be paid above the Market and we will sell off the remaining blocks to recoupe our DA costs.