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We focus on adding value to Residential Property in south east Queensland.

We are interested in Splitter Blocks, small land developments like 1 into 2, 3, or 4 lots. To larger residential land subdivisions of a hectare or more. We also look at Townhouse Subdivisions in some areas.

If we can find ways to stacking other value adding strategies on top of these types of subdivisions, then we do so. These can be things like renovations, house and land packages or multiple occupancy dwellings.

Creating a Win, Win, Win for all parties involved.

We help Vendors and Property Buyers profit from property. By leveraging strategic systems, alliances and our JV Partners with several decades of experience.

We reduce our costs and pass those savings on to vendors, as we can pay them more. And when we reduce our holding costs we can pass those savings on to those purchasing these properties.

Another advantage with dealing with smaller companies like us. Is that as our JV’s partners are private companies. We don’t have to share our profits with shareholders. This allows us to pass on those profits to you.

How You Can WIN!

Vendors WIN we aim to pay vendors above the market for their property if it is feasible to add value to in some way. And development is one way…
Want to use the equity in your side or back yard/paddock… and invest in another property… or take a trip around the world?

Property Buyers WIN either as a Feasible and profitable DA ready for a Developer to start.
Or buying properties to live in or as an investment. That can have a good Capital Gain and high yields if an investment.

Types of Property Developments

Splitter and Small Lot Subdivision

We are always looking for properties that are ‘Splitters’. Or any block that is feasible to subdivide.

You might have or know of someone who has a large block of land. That would like to cash in part or the complete property to put it into;

  • other investment properties
  • pay off debuts or
  • take an overseas holiday.

As long as you are in no rush to settle. Then we run a Feasibility Study… If it stacks up we’ll complete the negotiation and then Pay You above the Market Value.

Although we focus on property in South East Queensland we are always open to offers anywhere in Australia.

Residential Land Subdivision

Are you a Developer and looking for either DA Ready Properties with feasibilities or DA Approved Project ready to start?
Are you looking for one or multiple Investment Properties?

Karanda Holding Property use strategic systems, cheap funding and alliances with our JV Partners.

So you can pick up or pass on valuable investment property below comparable properties around.

We will always makes sure you have a fantastic profit margin. Regardless if you want to take the development off our hands after DA approval or once the property lots are completed.

Townhouse Developments

The Advantages of Buying a Townhouse to Units;

  1. Townhouses and Duplexes have land content so are considered better investments than a Unit.
  2. Buildings depreciate in value over time. While it’s the land content of the property that gets the Capital Growth.
  3. Having more value for the same or less. Our partners build townhouses which have better ‘Specs’ eg larger floor area etc. It’s normally better Value than surrounding equivalent properties.
  4. And our aim is that you pay below the Market Price of surrounding properties.
  5. So you can now borrow less and yet you can receive the market equivalent or higher rent. Giving you a better ‘loan to value ratio’ and return.
  6. Being affordable and desirable housing… it’ll always be in high demand.
  7. New properties have better depreciation and tax minimisation as an investor.
  8. Townhouses are a ‘Single Contract’ purchases. So they can be purchased in a Self Managed Super Fund.

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